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The TR-12 Set-Up Wheel Alignment system evolved from our proven TL-12 Passenger Car and Light Truck machine. The accuracy, portability and simplicity was something high performance and race customers were asking us for. With a proven record in all levels of the race industry, the TR-12 will become a tool you can use at the shop or at the track with the same level of accuracy regardless of where you are doing set-up or a change.

Street, open track, stock, truck... We have been used on them ALL!






Turntables and Slip plates are sold seperatly

Made in USA

Shipping weight 150lbs

Contact us for your specific race needs

Race/High Performance Set-up Wheel Alignment — TR-12

SKU: TR-12
Excluding Sales Tax
  • What can the TR-12 Laser Wheel Alignment System do?

    • Accurate, simple, reliable durable for decades
    • No rack required
    • Calibrates in the field in seconds
    • Surface does not have to be non-level
    • Caster, camber, live caster, SAI / KPI
    • Toe individual and total toe
    • 2 wheel centerline ,Thrust angle, and full 4 wheel
    • Accurate to 1/64ths inch
    • 20 minutes to read entire vehicle
    • 100% US made
    • Two-year warranty
    • Training video and instruction manual
    • Runs on D cell batteries
    • No cables, computers, or maintenance contracts

Freight based on commercial location delivery, no liftgate or special services.


To order or for more information
Call: 1-800-496-3777 or 360-371-0552 (local)
or email:

Tru-Line has customer verifiable accuracy to 1/64th of an inch since 1979 with thousands of wheel alignment systems in operation in the auto, RV, trucking and racing worlds.

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