Required for fast and accurate alignment measurements and adjustments of passenger cars and truck, medium duty independent suspensions.
Our passenger turnplate / radius plate are commercial quality low friction nylon ball bearings that allows the front and rear suspension of a vehicle to move freely for an inspection or wheel alignment.
With turn angle pointer.

Shipping weight 50lbs

Made in USA

14" x 14" x 1 ½”, Weight Capacity 4500 lbs

Shipping weight: 76 lbs
Quantity: 2
Made in the USA

Freight not included

Passenger Car light truck Turn Plate/Radius Plates / Turntables

PriceFrom $100.00
Excluding Sales Tax

    Freight based on commercial location delivery, no liftgate or special services.


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    Tru-Line has customer verifiable accuracy to 1/64th of an inch since 1979 with thousands of wheel alignment systems in operation in the auto, RV, trucking and racing worlds.