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Mooresville, NC, - Tru-Line Laser Alignment, Inc. has provided the NASCAR technical Institute (NTI) a laser wheel alignment system for its NASCAR training program. The TR-12 is completely portable, weighs less than 100 pounds, and runs off of D cell batteries.

“The Tru-Line laser wheel alignment system is a welcome addition to the NASCAR training program at the NASCAR Techinical Institute. Setting up the chassis on a NASCAR racer is an integral part of our education process. NTI requires the very best equipment available to the industry and Tru-Line is at the top of its class. The Tru-Line system is portable, accurate, reliable, and cuts our set-up time in half. It’s a proven winner in the industry”

- John Dodson, Community and Race Team Relations Director for NTI

Tru-Line was created in 1983 by Claude Cooke, a laser specialist in the collision repair industry. The company has been in operation for eighteen years, and has over 3,000 units in the field. Second generation owners Jim Zoehrer and Lesley Cooke are deeply committed to bringing affordable and accurate wheel alignment to the auto, truck, RV and racing industries. For more information visit

NASCAR Techinical Institute is a division of Universal Technical Institute, Inc. (UTI), one of the nation’s leading providers of technical education training. NASCAR Techinical Institute was created through a partnership of NASCAR and UTI. Its goal is to boost the number of professional technicians entering the workforce, and is the country’s first technical training school to combine a complete automotive technology program and a NASCAR-specific motorsports program.

From the February 2003 issue of Tool Review: Tool Review February 2003

"Tru-Line claims that their unit provides the accuracy and durability needed to withstand the rigors of today’s service bay, and meet the expectations of technicians, service shops, and, most importantly, their customers. So let’s hear what Innovation Award Panelist and ASE-Certified Master Technician Don Dahl thought when he put the TL-12 to work in his San Leandro, CA bay."

“If you talk to a great majority of chassis builders and race engineers, and ask them how they align their race or street cars, they will probably say to use a tape measure and a string. If someone would have asked us that question, we would have told them the same thing, until we found out about the Tru-Line laser wheel alignment system. For years now, Nuformz Racing “thought” we had our race and street cars aligned perfectly. But after using the Tru-Line system, we realized just how far off we were always off. Thanks Tru-Line for everything! We couldn’t have done it without you!”

- Mopar Dodge, pro front wheel drive NHRA champion Shaun Carlson.

Tru-Line TR-12 Portable Laser-Alignment System

Lasers! The Tru-Line alignment system makes possible those last-minute chassis adjustments. It’s portable and works on uneven surfaces, allowing you to measure and then mess with toe, camber, caster, and steering-axis inclination. The measurements are easy to read, but make sure you have a shopmanual on hand in order to properly affect adjustments. Problem: It’s harder to blame the car when you can adjust it on-site. Did we mention the lasers?

For more information: Tru-line Race & Stock Car Laser Wheel Alignment System

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