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MT-RSR USA 763-231-0250

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Tru-Line has customer verifiable accuracy to 1/64th of an inch for 32 years running
and over 10,000 wheel alignment systems in operation in the auto, RV, trucking and racing worlds.

Tru-Line News

Toyota Partners with Tru-Line
Toyota Research and Development has chosen to partner with Tru-Line Laser Alignment to take care of their at-port wheel alignment. Tru-Line’s portability, flexibility, and ability to handle a wide variety of vehicle types caught Toyota’s attention. Zach Zwillinger of Toyota Research and Development calls Tru-Line’s wheel alignment system, “a straight-forward process that makes vehicle suspension alignment simple and effective.” For 30 years Tru-Line has been producing the most portable, reliable, and easy-to-use laser wheel alignment system on the market. Tru-Line believes in quality and in filling the customer needs regardless of vehicle type or working environment. Tru-Line included RaceRamp’s lightweight portable ramps as part of its solution for Toyota Research and Development, with winning results for all parties.
Car and Driver – Track Day Accessories
Track Home: These items bring the comfort of your crib—and garage—to the circuit From the October Issue of Car and Driver: Car and Driver Gearbox October 2011 A good track day will take you out of your comfort zone, but that can also mean going without certain conveniences. Spend a little money, and the products featured here can ease track days’ discomforts—if not, alas, their humiliations. Tru-Line TL-12 Portable Laser-Alignment System Lasers! The Tru-Line alignment system makes possible those last-minute chassis adjustments. It’s portable and works on uneven surfaces, allowing you to measure and then mess with toe, camber, caster, and steering-axis inclination. The measurements are easy to read, but make sure you have a shop manual on hand in order to properly affect adjustments. Problem: It’s harder to blame the car when you can adjust it on-site. Did we mention the lasers? ($5995) Race & Stock Car Laser Wheel Alignment


Dear Lesley,

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your alignment equipment. It is elegant in it’s simplicity and extremely flexible in use.

I have been building/racing cars for over twenty years and have not found a better way to take care of alignment needs.

Accuracy is excellent. It would be a perfect, cost effective choice for anyone from the serious hobbyist to the top professional. It has great repeatability, much better than any computerized machine I have used and is quick to setup and use. Portability makes it a great choice for at track uses as well. I highly recommend Tru-Line to anyone who needs quality alignment equipment.

-- Mark Nadler

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About Us

Claude Cooke, Laser Engineer was contracted by Rotary lift in the very early 1980s to create a 4 wheel laser alignment machine...


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